A Life-Long Photographer

I started making photographs with a Kodak Brownie at an early age but really came to photography through the photojournalism program at Kent State University. Not only did I learn to make photographs, but I also honed my basic hippie skills. For years, I wanted to become a rich hippie, only to learn that I am now happy just becoming an aging hippie, even if that means I'm becoming an endangered species.

Basically I am a street photographer; I live to make photographs. You will always see me with a camera on my person. I plan to die with a camera around my neck and if for some reason you see me without one please say a little prayer for me that it's not my day to go.

For me photography is just all about having fun. I hope you have as much fun viewing my photographs as I had making them and if I can make an image for you, let me know.